Occupation: Bartender
Gender: Female
Age: 25

She is said to be very skilled and she has a bar where she serves her guests with liquor. Even though she looks innocent, she has capabilities to fight back her opponents.
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
1033Do you know of Kwaon?No ConditionBellua1000010000600
1034Kwaon and Rubal's MeetingNo ConditionBellua2411512000192
1035Wandering the Clarb Second Floor in search of KwaonNo ConditionBellua2756020000390
1036The Dark Demeratone of Clarb Third FloorNo ConditionBellua11100040000690
1037VobugNo ConditionBellua1100010000390
1038Perhaps this is pride?No ConditionBellua200000500000900
1039Higel of WaideteNo ConditionBellua100000200000600
1312Put the Heart of Vobug into the liquor?50-70Bellua6500040000390
1341The Finger of Sonos70-100Bellua6000040000480
1350Do elementals count as monsters, too?No ConditionBellua10108550000600
1391The wanderers of the town say¡¦90-120Bellua12000090000660
1440Claw of Pellton as a decoration?110-140Bellua22200080000720
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