Occupation: Healer
Gender: Female
Age: 17

She is a medicine maker and her shop is famous because most people come to look at her, rather than to buy her medicines. There are rumors that she might shut down her shop and go away from Temoz due to this.
Potions Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
5TorrBier, a Healer from of a scholarly family.No ConditionElpura1510060
40Memora of Rangdel40-130Elpura60008000300
41Smelly TorturerNo ConditionElpura50006000330
42Unexpected companyNo ConditionElpura82543000270
43Dark Saint, Higel, and comradeNo ConditionElpura1700013000360
44Rangdel Second Floor is mine!No ConditionElpura3000020000390
45Last day on the Second FloorNo ConditionElpura2200015000390
46Let's go to townNo ConditionElpura111552100000600
47Back to Rangdel Second FloorNo ConditionElpura2500030000390
48Where are they?No ConditionElpura2000013000540
49Finally we meetNo ConditionElpura5000025000540
50BetrayalNo ConditionElpura15900040000600
51Calm downNo ConditionElpura11159650000540
52Let it go¡¦No ConditionElpura7950040000600
53We should not have metNo ConditionElpura300000500000900
54Just in caseNo ConditionElpura1500010000510
5541 left to goNo ConditionElpura2500012000510
56While hunting¡¦No ConditionElpura6000025000366
57It's just an illusion¡¦No ConditionElpura2000015000384
58It's not possible!No ConditionElpura3000015000540
59Then what was it I saw?No ConditionElpura6000025000540
60It's a myth, but¡¦No ConditionElpura25000045000900
61Recharge! New start!No ConditionElpura4000030000540
62Now what do I do?No ConditionElpura3180012000600
307Poison of Vobug50-70Elpura6500025000390
308For the experimentNo ConditionElpura9000040000450
351The last, the mutated evil spiritsNo ConditionElpura2000001000001200
356The Finger of Sonos and the Blood of Khun is efficacious against headaches?70-100Elpura8800070000450
394I'm going to create a new potion.90-120Elpura8000060000600
395Elpura's schemeNo ConditionElpura4000030000450
397Elpura's goalNo ConditionElpura12000050000750
435Orb of Ellma110-140Elpura16650060000660
503Leaf of Polk13-26Elpura80255000120
608He wants me to boast about it to Elpura.No ConditionElpura500521500060
623An emergency40-50Elpura4378113000360
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