Occupation: Teleporter
Gender: Male
Age: 88

All he says is "Where?" as he is a teleporter who can teleport you to other regions of Helmash. He is a kind person who wants to give people without families, something to live for.
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
10Seniere, the manager of the arenaNo ConditionKinstone1510060
208It's rescas and vonoys this time!20-29Kinstone1852510000170
209The revenge...No ConditionKinstone43255000180
327Going to seal the ring?No ConditionKinstone150000120000600
352Drinking khun's blood?70-100Kinstone6000040000480
353The story of khun and yahgonNo ConditionKinstone3000020000480
354Is it a cost of the story?No ConditionKinstone8000050000660
413The dead belong in the underworld90-120Kinstone171720100000660
420Tongue of Hell VonoyNo ConditionKinstone9000040000480
433Arteries from Herene!124-128Kinstone1000000100000690
702Kinstone's birthday5-20Kinstone56008000100
711Pave the way90-120Kinstone1478124000450
712Rangdel guardianNo ConditionKinstone1476013000300
713Clarb guardianNo ConditionKinstone1563513000300
714Selvarb guardianNo ConditionKinstone3975025000400
735Ewealla of Rangdel Fourth Floor90-120Kinstone7950028000490
736Yahgon of Rangdel Fourth FloorNo ConditionKinstone7950025000450
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