Occupation: Teleporter
Gender: Female
Age: 2100

Marishi was once a mage who had the mysterious power to move to any location using the power of wind. She was cursed by Rabellu to Chlorence and was turned into stone.
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3006Banshiu's Wings135-159Marishi18810052000780
3007A handful of Garr's fur100-155Marishi8550032000660
3010Horn of Pulpikan135-159Marishi18810052000780
3011Banshiu's HarpNo ConditionMarishi18810052000780
3024The lovely Marishi's requestNo ConditionMarishi19800038000700
3028Dangerous Music135-159Marishi12846033000700
3034Evil Land of Spatokia130-159Marishi7520030000650
3035Nightmares of SpatokiaNo ConditionMarishi13760031000680
3041The beautiful evil lady135-160Marishi23826078000780
3048Runes of Ertakin140-159Marishi18810030000700
3054A Strange Aura161-165Marishi18010033000680
3061Evil PurrNo ConditionMarishi18010039000680
3062Magical RunesNo ConditionMarishi000
3063Strange PuplikansNo ConditionMarishi18010040000680
6007Evil Land of Spatokia.160-165Marishi01000001600
6008Fort of Grandia.No ConditionMarishi01500001440
6009Irkade Paradise.No ConditionMarishi080000960
6010A journey to HilldtuNo ConditionMarishi0350070
6011Off to ParatopisNo ConditionMarishi0800001440
6012Swim in Sirpel.No ConditionMarishi01500001600
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