Occupation: Storage
Gender: Female
Age: 52

She is a famous merchant who knows how to control her greed and doesnt let it consume her. She is also caring to some people and rude to others. She stays kind with you as long as she gets her money.
Special Items Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
9Kinstone, a blunt personNo ConditionMaterra1510060
210I'll get the gerges and show them my power.24-33Materra2400010000190
211I'll get those ravaks and show them my power.No ConditionMaterra159009000200
319Materra this time?50-70Materra6000040000390
321Again? Is this some kind of drill or something....No ConditionMaterra2000020000390
379The fellowship of Rangdel 3rd Floor70-100Materra8500050000480
393Materra is smiling while talking. Something's fishy here.90-120Materra2400001800001200
403Second taskNo ConditionMaterra4000020000300
446Ashes of Khalthar for back pains?120-155Materra15000060000660
502The new dress material32-45Materra3033010000220
615Husband's revenge100-130Materra6660032000510
616On a search for her husband's ringNo ConditionMaterra5550020000475
617I must find it againNo ConditionMaterra8325024000491
730Trade with traders105-130Materra3529820000430
731Their requestNo ConditionMaterra3243618000340
732Way of the tradersNo ConditionMaterra5406024000450
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