Occupation: Storage
Gender: Male
Age: 48

He is a very unlucky man and he got obsessed with Alcohol and Money. Even though his drunken state, he is able to make people pay by using brute force.
Special Items Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
427The forgetful Depository70-100Mecho7000050000480
1009One-armed warrior LinsenNo ConditionMecho1510060
1210I'll get the gerges and show them my power.24-33Mecho2400010000190
1211I'll get those ravaks and show them my power.No ConditionMecho159009000200
1321Again? Is this some kind of drill or something....No ConditionMecho2000020000390
1379The fellowship of Rangdel 3rd Floor70-100Mecho8500050000480
1393Materra is smiling while talking. Something's fishy here.90-120Mecho2400001800001200
1403Second taskNo ConditionMecho4000020000300
1446Ashes of Khalthar for back pains?120-155Mecho15000060000660
1502The new dress material32-45Mecho3033010000220
1730Trade with traders105-130Mecho3529820000430
1731Their requestNo ConditionMecho3243618000340
1732Way of the tradersNo ConditionMecho5406024000450
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