Occupation: Arena Manager
Gender: Male
Age: 31

He was once a bully, now he is a person who makes money by organizing tournaments and is a famous figure of Quanato.
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
430An impertinent Ciwoo70-100Sioo3000060000450
431The transaction with CiwooNo ConditionSioo5000030000450
1012First huntNo ConditionSioo15015000120
1028Beginning of a long journey80-165Sioo40005000108
1029I should have never started.No ConditionSioo70009200120
1030Desperate cry for help.No ConditionSioo1000010000240
1031Alas, he is dead.No ConditionSioo3000020000282
1032When it rains, it pours.No ConditionSioo2660012000300
1066A knight's requestNo ConditionSioo6000030000600
1067Thol's requestNo ConditionSioo350000500000900
1068Let's not live like this anymore.No ConditionSioo300000500000900
1215Wonderful food ingredients35-45Sioo184008000240
1216Some other food ingredients are needed.No ConditionSioo168508000250
1309The provocation of Sioo50-70Sioo4500020000390
1320Why do I have to give this to Mecho?50-70Sioo2000012000390
1343Skull of a Sonos to Sioo...70-100Sioo6000040000480
1344The suspicious SiooNo ConditionSioo6907540000480
1345Why am I¡¦?No ConditionSioo100000100000660
1382You've heard a rumour about me?70-100Sioo13477060000600
1392So you want to create a knight's order?80-165Sioo375001000600
1400Foman of the sword, Rontu of the axe, Wimos of the bow90-120Sioo12000090000750
1404AcknowledgementNo ConditionSioo8000060000600
1439I admit it, I'm a little scared110-140Sioo10236430000510
1447So you want to create a knight's order?80-165Sioo375001000600
1506The betting20-45Sioo1749012000250
1507The second bettingNo ConditionSioo2938320000240
1508The clean upNo ConditionSioo6519540000300
1630The Arena needs supplies80-120Sioo11250090000600
1737Worshipers of Khainen120-155Sioo260000160000780
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