Occupation: Healer
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown

Sprakki is a friendly person who has the special ability to make friends with children instantly, there is a rumor that she is the goddess that makes whole of Heijend green. She is a sorceress who is capable of creating the legendary Golden Apple, which grants her immortality.
Potions Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3013Leckey's apple135-160Sprakki23826078000780
3015Horns of Deer135-159Sprakki21543052000780
3016Alder leaves135-160Sprakki23826078000780
3017The Golden apple of youthNo ConditionSprakki23826078000780
3018Banshiu and Tourists161-161Sprakki13760038000700
3020Pulpikan! Erlen! Just wait and see!135-160Sprakki19800038000700
3027Spatokia a Graveyard135-160Sprakki23826030000600
3032A furious bet with Sparakki135-160Sprakki15760030000600
3033Ruined HeartsNo ConditionSprakki23826035000700
3040Evil Spirits of Grandia135-160Sprakki19600031000700
3047Colossal Creatures of Ertakin140-159Sprakki18810033000700
3052Garden of Gods161-161Sprakki25000038000700
3057Beginning of a new searchNo ConditionSprakki18010036000680
3068Sprakki's worries150-161Sprakki23826078000700
3070Strange Creatures150-161Sprakki23826078000700
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