Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown

She is the sister of Sprakki, she is said to have more confidence than Sprakki and was taught by a legendary mage and has the abiltiy to use magic to enhance her attack and defence
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3005Blateskege's Rake135-159Sprund18810052000780
3023Purr sneaked into the storage room135-159Sprund17600038000700
3036Magical Runes of Ertakin - I150-161Sprund18810032000720
3037Magical Runes of Ertakin - IINo ConditionSprund23826035000750
3042Request of Sexy Sprund130-159Sprund17000031000700
3043Another request?No ConditionSprund18600031000700
3049Brave Warrior140-159Sprund18810030000700
3058Small yet a big problemNo ConditionSprund18010037000680
3059Woman's beardNo ConditionSprund000
3060Strong SemeusosNo ConditionSprund18010038000680
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