Guardian Set
It is a holy suit of armor blessed by Rabellu, the main god. Legend runs that it used to protect Billmade before he was excommunicated.

Grade: 5
Class: Holy Knight
Set Type: Sword Holy Knight

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 204
Dexterity: 194
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Guardian Armor

Sword Holy Knight Armor
Grade 5

Strength: 216
Dexterity: 206
Buy Price: 923,000

Guardian Pants

Sword Holy Knight Pants
Grade 5

Strength: 213
Dexterity: 203
Buy Price: 1,078,000

Guardian Helmet

Sword Holy Knight Helmet
Grade 5

Strength: 210
Dexterity: 200
Buy Price: 965,000

Guardian Boots

Sword Holy Knight Boots
Grade 5

Strength: 207
Dexterity: 197
Buy Price: 1,121,000

Guardian Gloves

Sword Holy Knight Gloves
Grade 5

Strength: 204
Dexterity: 194
Buy Price: 1,032,000

Kahwen Shield

Sword Holy Knight Shield
Grade 5

Strength: 210
Dexterity: 200
Buy Price: 872,000

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