Pheriun Set
Legend runs that it is made of a mysterious material, Shuteborr, but it is not confirmed. Though it is much lighter than it looks, it exceeds any other defense gear in defense capabilities.

Grade: 5
Class: Warrior
Set Type: Spear Warrior

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 233
Dexterity: 161
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Pheriun Armor

Spear Warrior Armor
Grade 5

Strength: 247
Dexterity: 171
Buy Price: 923,000

Pheriun Pants

Spear Warrior Pants
Grade 5

Strength: 244
Dexterity: 168
Buy Price: 1,078,000

Pheriun Helmet

Spear Warrior Helmet
Grade 5

Strength: 240
Dexterity: 166
Buy Price: 965,000

Pheriun Boots

Spear Warrior Boots
Grade 5

Strength: 237
Dexterity: 163
Buy Price: 1,121,000

Pheriun Gloves

Spear Warrior Gloves
Grade 5

Strength: 233
Dexterity: 161
Buy Price: 1,032,000

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