Prime Muhlnirr Set
This set is an improvement to the Muhlnirr set as it bestows the knight with increased magical powers. There is addition of Magic Leather which makes it more robust thereby increasing Hardness and Lustiness.

Grade: 4
Class: Holy Knight
Set Type: Mace Holy Knight

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 182
Dexterity: 96
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Prime Muhlnirr Armor

Mace Holy Knight Armor
Grade 4

Strength: 198
Dexterity: 104
Buy Price: 276,900

Prime Muhlnirr Pants

Mace Holy Knight Pants
Grade 4

Strength: 194
Dexterity: 102
Buy Price: 323,400

Prime Muhlnirr Helmet

Mace Holy Knight Helmet
Grade 4

Strength: 190
Dexterity: 100
Buy Price: 289,500

Prime Muhlnirr Boots

Mace Holy Knight Boots
Grade 4

Strength: 186
Dexterity: 98
Buy Price: 336,300

Prime Muhlnirr Gloves

Mace Holy Knight Gloves
Grade 4

Strength: 182
Dexterity: 96
Buy Price: 309,600

Rand Shield

Mace Holy Knight Shield
Grade 4

Strength: 190
Dexterity: 100
Buy Price: 261,600

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