How to Create a Character

Step 1

To create a new character click the New Character Button.(New accounts will not have any characters). A user can manage upto 5 characters (either same class or different class) at the same time.

Step 2

The first thing to do when creating a character is to choose the Nation it would belong to. Click on the corresponding flag to choose the nation.

Step 3

Next step is to select the Class(Type) of your character - i.e. Warrior, Mage, Holy Knight or Archer. See Character Description Section for more details. Press Next Button to shift to the next class. When decided press the Select Button.

Step 4

When click the Select button, you will be prompted to enter a unique name for your character. If the name already exists, you will be asked to enter another name.
(Please note that a name used once cannot be used again ever)

  • Please bear in mind that Special characters (such as ! @ # _ ...etc) and numbers cannot be used.
  • Do not use Gm or Guide in your name.
  • Do not use any derogatory or indecent names.
  • (Accounts bearing such names will be automatically deactivated)

Start playing with a Character

Once a character is created, to start playing with it click on the image of the Character.

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