Occupation: Healer
Gender: Male
Age: 45

He is a 45 year old medicine maker and pupil of the Healer Bram. He was born as the second son of a famous noble, Bram took in notice for his ability to master medicine. He is currently the only maker of medicine as Bram is currently missing.
Potions Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
2003Search for oil110-160Adell23490054000700
2004Resurrected! Brem's concoctionNo ConditionAdell15219048400586
2005Next ingredientNo ConditionAdell14580045600559
2009To MahnshijNo ConditionAdell16443046000570
2012TestNo ConditionAdell10600038000700
2013The people of TaoudrimosNo ConditionAdell5760001200001800
2015The people of TaoudrimosNo ConditionAdell5760001090001650
2017Dinner plansNo ConditionAdell1787434000002000
2434Study the Heart of Lalon?110-140Adell5550020000480
2454Beautiful Yvette ?? 140-159Adell11000038000700
2458Fin(cartilage) Dish140-160Adell15390052000780
2459lets get rid of the fishy smell No ConditionAdell17681480000980
2460Mecho's Roll dishNo ConditionAdell205200120000980
2478the reaction of Greatness135-159Adell10800038000700
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