Hatrel is the name for both the continent and the stronghold on it. Right across rivers of Egonihl and seemingly endless sea of lava. Hatrel is popularly known as the birthplace of Magic with the presence of many powerful mages. It is a popular place for magicians as it is the birthplace of Lady Une, the Goddess of Magic and it also amplifies their magic. Its position acts as a natural fortress due to its rocky mountains and sea. It was discovered by Emperor Rubal and his knights during the war. Hatrel is considered more as a Citadel rather than a Town.
Map Monsters
Peushinnerr Lledeeg, Kelledeegs, Manteenn, Manteess, Manteedaigg, EsKelledeegs
Syvave Aner, Papusue, Heville, Hevillunne, EsAner
Taoudruimos Behizn, Beharg, Berekerr, Kellownerr, Kelltaffu, EsBerekerr
Vellgrador Forest Grangachi, TeKac, Mellita, Skicaboreck, Chemos
Parmurrcallea Makarra, Parmurribe, Sirenarr, Dlanast, Mencejstri
Denenherr Kuscarr, Razbojnik, Deneris, Denerian, Kralj
Tocsique Ground Floor Sebyer, Sean, Halialshean, Duskamiu
2nd Floor Yvette, Figalce, Aedisha, Duskamiu
3rd Floor Terijael, Duskamiu
4th Floor Ranias, Duskamiu
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