The Fairmode Vemerden region refers to the marshland with the Skel river flowing through it, separating Temoz from Quanato. It used to be a green marshland with the shrine of Katherr, the god of mercy, and plenty of natural resources, but after the war with gods, it incurred the wrath of gods, and became a habitat for monsters. To the south of Fairmode Vemerden flows the river starting from the active volcano, Lavart, and to the west is the sea called the water of circulation. In this region there is the vine-covered entrance to Selvarb, a stalactite cave, and the shrine of Katherr whose doors are shut fast. Additionally there is a well, poisoned and thus unusable, and the ruins of log houses which used to be the abodes of the people living in the vicinity. You can also see the nest of Amadys in which eggs are clustered together like the eggs of a spider, a marshland inhabited by Resca which is so blue that it looks scary, old thatched houses often referred to as the houses of witches, and an empty lot where Hags have meetings.
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