Rangdel Ground Floor
It is an underground place of worship that was built a long time ago when people began to worship gods including Rabellu. This underground structure was built in the age of silver. It is so huge that its western entrance leads to Elcanber, and the eastern entrance to Wolfreck. The entrances are connected to Lake Langdel in Quanato, and to the place beyond the bottomless cliffs in Temoz. In the center there is an altar and a place of worship that can accommodate many people. On either side there are torture rooms for those who violate the will of God. Except where there are torture rooms, there are mazes you will find it extremely difficult to find your way out of. Rumor has it that they are connected to the secret warehouse of the priest, but no one has escaped the mazes unscathed so far. Above and below the place of worship, there are numerous rooms whose use cannot be fathomed, and secret traps.
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