Heijend is derived from Heij which means spirit, Heijend is a paradise due to its greenery and its location which is surrounded by sea and rivers. People of Heijend are living in peace due to them being neutral during the war. Clororence is the main country present in the continent of Heijend. Heijend was discovered by the legendary mages of Temoz and Quanato during the war and served as a place of refuge.
Map Monsters
Clororence Garr
Camarru Goshualeng, Purr, Blatskege, Leckey
Bughye Gunge, Erlen, Banshiu, Pulpikan
Spatokia Isilwen, Keon, Kuazer, Scarab
Grandia Mozma, Fljod, Eel, Amra
Ertarkin Irkade Mann, Irkade Hagall, Irkade Ken, Irkade Ur
Hildtu Hildasal, Hildanoe, Hildahel, Hildaseal
Paratopis Semeuso, Skeleton, Venessa, Releone
Sirpel Keteal, Daphnegale, Echunang, Ilan
Thrymgjor Cave Venessa, Chalano, Thrymgjor
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