Occupation: Passive Scholar
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

No one knows his real age or gender. He looks different to other people, For some he is a man or a woman. He is said to have become immortal due to liquid he drank from the gods garden.
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
2014Last ingredientNo ConditionRameda300000990001500
2452The Mistake of the moment 150-159Rameda10500032000660
2461Noisy Skicaboreck135-159Rameda9000032000660
2462The best armorNo ConditionRameda12825052000780
2470Tocsique's secret161-161Rameda10000032000660
24712nd floor keyNo ConditionRameda12000032000660
24723rd floor keyNo ConditionRameda17000032000660
2483Land of new hopeNo ConditionRameda11040038000700
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