Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Male
Age: 34

He was a desendent of a noble family who now is almost extinct. The reason for his survival is Damurr who is his best friend and tends to go out alot with him.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
2010A man with one goalNo ConditionMahnshij16443046000570
2011Mahnshij's adviceNo ConditionMahnshij17617549000588
2437The Blood of Lalon becomes a jewel110-140Mahnshij5550020000480
2444For a sure victory120-155Mahnshij15000060000660
2445While I'm at itNo ConditionMahnshij15000060000660
2450The heart of Deneris135-155Mahnshij12000038000700
2451The heart of Denerian No ConditionMahnshij11000038000700
2453The arrogance of Haliyasean140-159Mahnshij10500032000660
2465For Vellgrador forest 3No ConditionMahnshij12000032000660
2467swamp zone135-155Mahnshij9000032000660
2477Weak mind135-159Mahnshij10800038000700
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