Occupation: Armory
Gender: Male
Age: 36

He is the warrior of Hatrel having an rough appearance and a large body giving a scary impression.
Armors Sold
Weapons Sold
Misc Items Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
2001Let's go to Peushinnerr100-120Damurr9571850000700
2016Last ingredientNo ConditionDamurr168750650001200
2436Off to catch Muddians110-140Damurr16650040000540
2439Damurr's test110-140Damurr10236430000510
2443Disk of Jaloch120-155Damurr15000060000660
2448The horn of memory135-155Damurr12825052000780
2449One more Horn of memory No ConditionDamurr10260038000700
2463For Vellgrador forest 1 135-159Damurr7520038000700
2469Figalce's axe 135-159Damurr10500032000660
2475Capabilty test 1135-159Damurr11120038000700
2476Capabilty test 2No ConditionDamurr10960038000700
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