Occupation: Healer
Gender: Female
Age: 90

She is a very good witch, who helped in recovery for many injuries. She is used to spark fear into the younger and mischievous generations.
Potions Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
426Nermar and ElpuronNo ConditionNerrmar10000050000540
1006KaduruNo ConditionNerrmar1510060
1013First departure0-15Nerrmar15010060
1014Why not be patient?No ConditionNerrmar27054030
1015It's a challenge.No ConditionNerrmar46840048
1016My wayNo ConditionNerrmar17620036
1017The symbol of patienceNo ConditionNerrmar36030036
1018Get into practiceNo ConditionNerrmar22545042
1019Isn't there any other stronger one?No ConditionNerrmar28540060
1020This is enough.No ConditionNerrmar42060048
1021I only hunt what I wish to.No ConditionNerrmar28540042
1022Nerrmar's recommendationNo ConditionNerrmar34550054
1201You need the Heart of Hammerd?5-17Nerrmar21004000100
1202Amadys and breas?No ConditionNerrmar54005000110
1203You need the Blade of Temple Knight?No ConditionNerrmar52506000130
1301Scythe of Dark Saint50-65Nerrmar2000013000360
1302The suspicious ringNo ConditionNerrmar7500020000360
1303Let's check the Armor of Dark Saint.No ConditionNerrmar7500015000360
1304The investigationNo ConditionNerrmar8000050000450
1326To LinsenNo ConditionNerrmar300060000
1346What about human-type monsters?70-155Nerrmar5682050000600
1369The story of Rangdel (3rd Floor)70-100Nerrmar6000040000480
1370The secret of eyesightNo ConditionNerrmar3000020000480
1371We have to stop the lirox's revival.No ConditionNerrmar12000080000750
1380The sonoses of Rangdel 3rd Floor70-100Nerrmar7000030000480
1381Khuns this time?No ConditionNerrmar7000040000540
1384Khun and Yahgon90-120Nerrmar4000030000540
1385Now it's YahgonsNo ConditionNerrmar10000050000540
1389Hautz's past90-120Nerrmar4000030000450
1390Punishing the increasingly violent Hautz.No ConditionNerrmar9540060000600
1402Thol's Hunt90-120Nerrmar6000040000480
1409Hell Vonoy90-120Nerrmar9000050000498
1410An urgent requestNo ConditionNerrmar150000100000750
1416Gathering medicinal materials90-120Nerrmar14000080000660
1417Missing materialsNo ConditionNerrmar9000060000480
1419Gift of monstersNo ConditionNerrmar11500060000600
1432The evil spirit that I have caught before70-70Nerrmar1150000010000216
1441Selvabian Blue Heart120-155Nerrmar240000120000780
1442Heart of TizorNo ConditionNerrmar8000030000600
1601Gonna make me medicine?110-120Nerrmar180050000
1602Can she make medicine of great virtue indeed?No ConditionNerrmar3745080000
1603The heart of a tree this time?No ConditionNerrmar11450800030
1604It's a Stone Heart. Four of them!No ConditionNerrmar27800800030
1605It's the Stone Heart. As many as eight.No ConditionNerrmar55600800030
1606All the materials are prepared, and now only the pot is left.No ConditionNerrmar69751500060
1607She asks for a pot.No ConditionNerrmar232580000
1609First, get the pot.No ConditionNerrmar232580000
1610Bring an ewealla's head?No ConditionNerrmar11250030000540
1611Visit Greybone's room?No ConditionNerrmar26000300001200
1612She wants me to bring the heart from Khainen's room.No ConditionNerrmar15000030000540
1628Nerrmar's second request70-85Nerrmar8197520000480
1715The gods' orders90-120Nerrmar4650250020
1716Still holding on 1No ConditionNerrmar341251000025
1717Still holding on 2No ConditionNerrmar7500028000400
1718Strong armorNo ConditionNerrmar7500034000400
1719The blind kid10-30Nerrmar9150480023
1724A human's intention28-36Nerrmar13515500030
1725The hwamars' past30-40Nerrmar8135320035
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