Ginnar Set
As befits its name meaning 'a seducer,' it enhances the sexual attractiveness of a magician wearing it, thereby distracting enemies. A certain magician found out about the spell Rabellu cast on an evil thing in a battle with the legendary knights, and used it for the Ginnar set.

Grade: 5
Class: Mage
Set Type: Elemental Mage

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Intelligence: 287
Dexterity: 99
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Ginnar Armor

Elemental Mage Armor
Grade 5

Intelligence: 305
Dexterity: 105
Buy Price: 923,000

Ginnar Pants

Elemental Mage Pants
Grade 5

Intelligence: 300
Dexterity: 104
Buy Price: 1,078,000

Ginnar Helmet

Elemental Mage Helmet
Grade 5

Intelligence: 296
Dexterity: 102
Buy Price: 965,000

Ginnar Boots

Elemental Mage Boots
Grade 5

Intelligence: 291
Dexterity: 101
Buy Price: 1,121,000

Ginnar Gloves

Elemental Mage Gloves
Grade 5

Intelligence: 287
Dexterity: 99
Buy Price: 1,032,000

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