Beginner Guide

One of the most interesting features of A3 is Quests that are given by various merchants within the town at different levels. These quests not only help player gain experience but also help increasing the percentage of level completion besides providing various goodies like

  • Lore or Lore Points.
  • Game Money or WZ.
  • Free gifts like Gems/Scrolls/Other items.


Lore points are very essential when a player reaches higher level. Lore points enable to switch stats of the character as well as mercenary, reset passive skills, switch town and lastly to decrease the parole gained by killing a player.

Beginners Quest

When a new character is created, it automatically begins it's first quest. When the character enters the map, the Quest Window (Press Q to open) opens automatically showing the Quest.Complete this quest to get the above mentioned goodies. The quest involves the character moving from Merchant to Merchant inside the home town which helps you learn and understand more about the Merchant and the game.

To talk to the Merchant, Player has to click on the Merchant and then click on Select Quest.

To help you locate the merchants have a look at the NPC Locator. Please keep in mind that if you click on Quit Quest for the beginner's quest, you cannot start it again unless you re-create a new character. It is helpful for you to complete the first quest since, it gives you a free shue potion (which could be used in case your shue dies, use this one potion carefully because in the shop it is expensive for low levelers and you won't be able to buy it unless you reach a higher level or have enough Woonz in Inventory) and it also gives you one of the three gems each (Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire).

More about Quests

Player needs to talk to the Merchants in the town. Each merchant gives a quest when a character reaches a particular level. Once the quest is active, open the Quest Window (Press Q) to get more information about the quest such as

  • Quest information
  • Required character level to take up quest.
  • Quest Rewards
  • Quest specific requirements.

Quests have certain character level requirements. Quests can only be taken when the character is within the level requirement for the quest. They cannot be taken if the player is too high or too low level to execute the quest. A different quest cannot be taken up while the current quest is incomplete. If the player does not wish to complete the current quest, it can be quit by pressing the Quit Quest button in the Quest Window.

Upon completing quests, we get NPC relationship points and for quitting the quests, the same gets deducted. Having a high relation with Identifier NPC and Armory NPC is very helpful, since in the case of Armory NPC, it increases your chances of getting an item with good options and in the case of Maestro characters it increases the crafting success. It is recommended to not to quit a quest received from any merchant. However this depends upon the NPC and the type and requirements of the quest. Once a quest is complete, the player can return to the NPC who gave it to collect the rewards.

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