Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Male
Age: 25

He is known to be a very kind man who can go to any lengths to help people. Once when a small girl was sick, he almost lost his life to bring the ingredients to brew her a medicine.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
4Elpura, the daughter of TorrBierNo ConditionBentren1510060
217Moulek, the cursed cow39-49Bentren2000010000260
218Hide of ParakNo ConditionBentren3247512000270
219Grou, the silent deathNo ConditionBentren116759000280
306Bentren, an unrequited lover50-70Bentren4000020000390
322Looking for the tool to make a ringNo ConditionBentren3000200030
325To TorrBierNo ConditionBentren300060000
347Beastlike evil spiritsNo ConditionBentren11261150000600
372The request from the wanderer70-100Bentren6000040000480
373Bentren, who likes ElpuraNo ConditionBentren9000060000480
374People live at Selvarb?No ConditionBentren10000080000750
386Problem solver90-120Bentren8000060000540
387Cycle of RevengeNo ConditionBentren12000090000600
388Finishing touchNo ConditionBentren120000100000750
405Fourth taskNo ConditionBentren2590020000360
407For revenge90-120Bentren12000090000600
415Weapon decorated with a Symbol of Wind90-120Bentren8000060000450
437Mutated Lalon110-140Bentren5550020000480
625Find proof of the betrayer80-130Bentren8250030000450
626No use. On the search again.No ConditionBentren8880020000480
627Nothing. Now on to Clarb Third FloorNo ConditionBentren8880020000480
722The friend's evidence20-30Bentren200090020
723A trace of the friendNo ConditionBentren230090020
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