It's a myth, but¡¦
To take my mind off of things, I'm going to hunt 10 Plonitz from Fairmode. And I should gather 6 Flowers of Plonitz so I can place 3 where he was killed and the other 3 flowers along with 1 Tears of Khun at the place where he is buried. Let's hunt 20 Khuns while I'm at it. May you rest in peace...
Given By

No Condition


Experience: 250000
Woonz: 45000
Lore: 900

1. Kill
2. Collect Quest Item
6 x Flower of Plonitz
3. Kill
4. Collect Quest Item
1 x Tears of Khun
5. Drop Quest Item
6. Drop Quest Item
3 x Flower of Plonitz
7. Drop Quest Item
1 x Tears of Khun
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