Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Bullies used to trouble him a lot due to his appearence. Due to this he was in despair and started gambling. After some random person helped him get over the addication, he aims to amass lots of information as he believes that knowledge is the greatest power.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
428Yiruk, Yiruk70-100Yiruk6500020000540
429Yiruk gets tormented by SiooNo ConditionYiruk7000050000540
1008Unlucky MechoNo ConditionYiruk1510060
1063Escape to SelvarbNo ConditionYiruk6000020000498
1064Challenging my weaknesses¡¦No ConditionYiruk170005000600
1065An unexpected reunionNo ConditionYiruk3400025000600
1316Deceived by Yiruk50-70Yiruk9000060000450
1317I'm sure that I¡¯ve been cheated.No ConditionYiruk6000030000450
1348Half-man monsters, one of 6 monster typesNo ConditionYiruk7147850000600
1368Oh, it wasn't the last one.No ConditionYiruk200000100000750
1411Necklace of Ewealla90-120Yiruk8000060000600
1414Even the Protrusions of Yahgon¡¦90-120Yiruk12000090000600
1418Processing poisonNo ConditionYiruk7500045000480
1444Heart of Niflgarr monsters120-155Yiruk240000120000780
1445Fire HeartNo ConditionYiruk8000030000600
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